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Friday Faves!

Hey guys!! Hope you’re having a great Friday!! 😀


If you’re new to the blog (hello!!) or are a reader but suffer from chronic memory-loss like me, then you should know that every Friday I post my Friday Faves!! So here are today’s favourites…


1. Double Oatmeal Raisin Cookie oatmeal…

Oatmeal topped with a crumbled oatmeal raisin cookie and more raisins 🙂

It is perfectly normal (and highly recommended) to include cookies in your breakfast by the way, especially delicious Happy Herbivore ones you made. Little tip there.


2. The reading-on-the-elliptical trick.DSC07290


I don’t remember how I ever managed to last on this machine before discovering this. (And FYI, if you are looking to increase your speed in the 5k or 10k, this book is AMAZING!) Anyway, Friday cross-training was a lunch-hour special: 30 mins elliptical, 15 mins spin bike and weights.


3. Getting started on my March Goals! I am going to be looking around a pretty high-end Virgin Active gym soon and I can’t WAIT to check it out!! Open-mouthed smile1999


I also did two YogaDownload classes (Yoga for Strength and Yoga for Runners).images

It felt SO good to stretch out! My hamstrings were SO tight!!


4. Chocolate chips straight up.DSC07295

Little drops of heaven.


5. Using the (remaining) chocolate chips in some Friday Baking Fun!DSC07300

Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

These bad boys are moist and delicious, and yet are healthy! Made with spelt flour, sweetened with agave and can be oil-free too!

(Make 5-6 large muffins, depending on how much ‘batter tasting’ you do)

  • 1 cup wholegrain spelt flour + 1/4 cup all-purpose/plain flour (you can use all spelt if you prefer, or a different flour)
  • 1/2 cup agave nectar
  • 1 tbsp wheatgerm or bran
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp oil or unsweetened applesauce (I used 1T applesauce+2T melted vegan butter)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F. Spray a muffin pan with non-stick or use liners.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients together except the chocolate chips. Then add the wet and chips and stir in.
  3. Bake for about 10 mins, depending on your oven (my speedy one only took 7!) and then remove, transfer to a cooling rack, and ENJOY!!

Seriously, these are amazing. So sweet and delicious…mmm…. DSC07297


6. Broccoli. My favourite veggie. I ate a whole head of it.broccoli-recipes-1b

I actually do eat some things other than chocolate and oatmeal, despite what it tends to look like on here! Smile with tongue outAnd you know when my birthday is now, so I expect THIS:i_love_broccoli_tshirt-p235733568416413736adc0r_325


That hint was very subtle I know. Subtlety is one of my strong points. As is modesty apparently! Winking smile


What are some of your Friday Favourites? Share with me PLEASE!!


What is your favourite veggie? Mine is broccoli! I love spinach too…and squash…and mushrooms…man I love veggies!! Smile


And if you could get a T-Shirt saying “I love…*something*”, what would that something be? I think the broccoli one is pretty cool personally!


I might go and wash my hair now and fulfil another of my March Goals…be proud people! Smile with tongue out


Have a great weekend friends!!


Friday Favourites

Hey friends!! You know what Fridays mean…Friday Favourites!! And today was a GREAT day, so I have 10 for you!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Early workouts rock. And I mean early. Especially for someone who got to bed at 1am…oops! Embarrassed smile



In the gym at 6.45?! Who AM I?!

For me, getting up at 5.45am for a workout was early!! An ‘early’ workout for me usually STARTS at 8am, so it was weird to be done by that time!

I had planned to go to a spin class at 7am, but got there to find it was booked out! Sad smile BUT it was a good thing anyway, because the instructor happened to be my least favourite one today, AND I got some rockin’ speed intervals in instead!


800m intervals @ 6.31 min/mile pace. Then ellipticalled for half an hour whilst reading my new fave book!DSC07096



2. Clif Crunchy PB bars. The first time I’ve had one- SO good!DSC07099

Can’t believe I’m even THINKING this, but could this rival the chocolate chip flavour…? Surely not…! Smile with tongue out


3. Apple-cinnamon breakfast socca bake (topped with sultanas and coconut butter).



(NO, I didn't just have this tiny slice!! Photographic purposes!!)

Adapted from a blogger’s amazing recipe, but I can’t remember whose, since I scrawled down the recipe! Clever, Emma, real clever…DSC07070

I’ll comb my internet history tonight and then post my adapted recipe tomorrow! Trust me this was GOOOD! Smile


4. Evidence of my nut addiction.DSC07101

That was a cashew nut hidden under a cushion on couch. I also found one in my bed this morning. Don’t judge please…


5. Doing the most FUN household chore…DSC07109

…vacuuming!! Because you can sing and dance while you do it! Smile with tongue out


6. Managing not to pass out this time when drooling over the running books in Europe’s largest bookstore.


Half the running section. I was in HEAVEN.


I parked myself on the floor in front of it with a stack of them and just read for an hour. My faves included:DSC07122


I may have to go back and get these two…they looked GREAT!

7. Unmanned food taster tables…


Dark chocolate covered coffee beans 🙂



Sweet Chilli natural potato chips

…not that I took advantage of that and stood by them munching away or anything… Winking smile


8. Toilet reading material.


Pretty self-explanatory really…DSC07127

Thanks for that Whole Foods! Smile with tongue out


9. Becoming bankrupt for the sake of good food.DSC07129

I blame Whole Foods for the unhealthy state of my finances. But it was worth it, especially for this…DSC07136

The BEST dark chocolate I think I have ever tried. Okay, I’ve said that about a LOT, but this is definitely up there!!


10. Socca pizza for dinner!DSC07133

With broccoli and ‘super melting’ vegan cheese. Apparently, the ‘super melting’ part is a lie, but this was one awesome pizza!! And you can bet I stuffed that whole thing in ma belly, plus *many* squares of sea salt choccie…! Open-mouthed smile


So what are YOUR Friday Favourites? You know I love hearing them, so share with me please and we’ll be best friends forever! Smile


Toilet reading material: Yay or Nay? It was hilarious and SO entertaining! A thumbs up from me!!


Fave and least fave household chore? Vacuuming wins, and cleaning the bathroom comes in last predictably!


So I’m gonna park myself in front of my computer tomorrow morning and try to work out this whole self-hosting thing!! I’m SO confused!! I’ll probably end up catching up on all your awesome bloggies too! AND hummus recipe finally coming tomorrow, so get excited!!


Love you all, and have a GREAT weekend!!

Friday Favourites

FRIDAY FAVOURITES time again friends!! I love it. I love Fridays. And I love you.


1. Triple Chocolate Oats.


Banana Oatbran with cocoa powder, topped with homemade DCD and a Hot Cocoa Fudge Baby.


I lay down in a state of complete bliss after eating this. HA that rhymes…!

THE best bowl of oats. Ever.


2. Being on a sugar high. Not really an unusual occurrence for me, but it’s just as great every time SmileDSC06797

Yeah, blame these bad boys, and my mum for being a primary school teacher who hands out fruit bars to the good kids instead of chocolate buttons like everyone else does.DSC06822

She knows these make me high, and make me feel like the 8 year old I know I am inside, so she gives me them when I have been good. Daughter points for ironing = fruity bars!! Open-mouthed smile


3. A practise run for my trial! Tomorrow I will be participating in a:parkrun

Parkruns are free weekly timed 5k’s, and there’s one that happens to be on the exact same course as the one my upcoming trial will be on! So I thought I’d do a bit of prep and check it out! Not aiming to break any records tomorrow, but just see what I’ll be up against course-wise in a fortnight’s time!DSC06813

Still SUPER excited though for my first Parkrun! Got my ‘barcode’ ticket thing ready! Open-mouthed smile


4. Banana hunts. You may or may not know, but I hide bananas. This is so that they can get nice and ripe so I can use them in the kitchen without anyone eating them first. Only problem is, I often forget where I put them… So after a loooong hunt, I opened my airing cupboard and saw


Can YOU spot my banana?

 AhHA! Found ya you little yellow devil!! DSC06826

Then I remembered. I put it there yesterday. Darn.

5. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffin for One. DSC06818

After seeing Katie’s post today (I know, I know, I have a crush on her!), realising I had to make that goodness immediately, and then embarking on my hunt, I threw the ingredients together (+ chocolate chips of course!), nuked it the the microwave for 90 secs, and voila!


To show you my gratitude and undying love Katie, I put it on the Peter Rabbit plate I know you like so much.


I love you Katie. I love you Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffin. This is actually the best thing EVER, and I WILL be making this every day of my life until I die. Or until I am unlucky on a Banana Hunt.


What are YOUR Friday Favourites? Tell me please, and I will send you a virtual hug.


What are you looking forward to this weekend? I have my run tomorrow morning, and am seeing the movie The King’s Speech too with my friends! Also seeing Black Swan over the next few days as well! Not to mention Pancake Sunday and tackling those Sunday Hills!


Have an amazing weekend friends!!

Friday Favourites

It’s that time of the week again, and that means only one thing…Janae-inspired FRIDAY FAVOURITES! Open-mouthed smile


1. Amazing Friday Breakfast!DSC06562

Oat bran topped with one of Katie’s coconut melties, cinnamon, and mixed berries. The meltie melted. It was awesome.


2. These running shorts that are the bomb.comw_go_girl_run_short_80356pls_jpg_400

Because, lets face it, they look like beach shorts. And rarely do you feel like you’re on the beach when pounding the streets of London. Maybe with these on though I’ll be magically transported to Hawaii


3. Giving myself a lil’ pedicure. And by this I just mean painting my nails quickly…DSC06572

Attempt #1001 to try to prettify my Ugly Runner’s Feet. At least they look marginally better than they did before…I’ll spare you the ‘Before’ shot though! Smile with tongue out


4. Carb-loving. Pre-Hill Sprints (which totally rocked by the way!):


Peanut butter in a WW wrap

Post-Hill Sprints:DSC06526

WW pasta in my ‘cheeze’ sauce with spinach and mashed carrot and swede. I love me some carbs.


5. Dessert plates.


Protein Cookie Dough Balls, grapes and dates


Dessert is obviously the best part of the meal. Fact.


6. Rereading every magazine I own.DSC06583

If I’m going to pay £4.50 for a magazine, I refuse to just read it just once!! Totally worth it though, or at least, that’s what I tell myself when forking out my precious mula…!


7. Cookie Dough Balls


In my book, Indulgence Friday=5 dough balls. Yummo! Open-mouthed smile


So what are your Friday Favourites? Give me a few pretty please!!


And do you spend a lot on magazines? I buy Runner’s World and Women’s Running every month…an expensive habit! Make me feel better by telling me you spend twice as much as I do on mags por favor! Smile


Have a great weekend friends!!

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday friends! Open-mouthed smile Loved reading all your cute responses to yesterday’s post! Made me feel all mushy and want to hunt you all down and give you a big bear hug! N’aaw you guys!! Smile

So today is my second Friday Favourites post, inspired by my gorgeous girl Janae!

1. Amazing Friday Breakfast. Last week I said I would have chocolaty breakfasts on Fridays, but since I have those most days anyway, it wasn’t really that special! But today’s Oats In A Jar really was!!DSC06321

Made the oatmeal, put it in ma PB jar…DSC06316

…then topped with jam and honey+almond granola!DSC06317


All gone! Open-mouthed smileDSC06325

2. The usual Friday thang: get home, throw on sweats and old race T-Shirts, and chillax!DSC04823

Actually, who I am I kidding. This is not just a Friday thing. This is a Monday-Sunday thing.

3. Ignore the fact that I couldn’t run today by finding The Steepest Hill Known To Man for some early hill sprints tomorrow! I think I might be mad for getting excited about this, but I can’t wait to tackle this hill! Open-mouthed smile


That kind of thinking is what not running for three days does to my brain! Smile with tongue out

4. Cookie eating!!DSC06278

Of the vegan chocolate chip variety! Smile

5. My go-to, quick, oh-so-creative dinner.DSC06188

Beans on toast, with some spinach on top. You’ll have to take my word for it that there is toast under that mountain of baked beans. You can’t beat beans on toast.

6. Living the life. This means watching countless episodes of Criminal Minds (yes, I am obsessed!)…DSC04977

…whilst consuming Dark Chocolate Dreams straight from the tub.DSC06302DSC06301

I’ll just excuse this by saying I needed the protein.

Go on, give me some of your Friday Favourites!! Because I’m super-nosy and love knowing all about your lives!

What is your current TV obsession? Criminal Minds is my current obsession, but I always love Friends and Scrubs! Not to mention The Apprentice, The Office, 30 Rock, etc when they’re on!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my yoga giveaway if you haven’t done so already! 🙂

Friday Favourites

“Feel free to do it on your blog” <—– From the hilarious Janae’s amazing Friday Favourites post! SO I have taken her up on this offer! Open-mouthed smile Like she said, it is good to think about the things we are thankful for that make us happy!!

1. A Chocolatey Friday Breakfast. So this is a new invention of mine, but every Friday I will be celebrating the end of the working week with a nice healthy chocolatey breakfast. Like so:


Mmm…fluffy choco-banana oatmeal+ my first ever fudgie!


Sooo good! The fudgie melted and stirred in it was AMAZING!

2. An email from Women’s Running to say that this month’s mag is now out! I’m so addicted to expensive but amazing magazines like this and Runner’s World.home_1099

I know what I’ll be wasting spending my hard earned cash on tomorrow! Perfect gym entertainment. Someday I will master the art of reading+running at the same time…

3. Changing into sweats and fleecy socks as soon as I get home. Ultimate comfort. Height of fashion…DSC06095

And let us not forget the oh-so-cool granny fleece I’m rocking too…



I hear the fleece+sweats look is all the rage in Milan.

4. Cookie dough. Need I say more?DSC06088

Really, cookie dough is a health food. Good for the soul.

5. Baking with what is left of the cookie dough after you have consumed vast quantities of that goodness.


Can you tell I lost my cookie dough scoop? Unevenly sized cookies are much more fun anyway! 😛


This is my favourite cookie of my trials to make the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie! I think I’ll try one more tweak and then post the recipe! Open-mouthed smile

So what are your Friday Favourites? Spill the beans!!

And do you have something fun planned for this weekend? I’m going to a friend’s birthday bash tomorrow, hence the cookie making! I never go to someone else’s place empty-handed! Winking smile

Have a great weekend friends! Smile