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Thirty Day Thursday- My March Goals!

Hey friends!! It’s FRIDAY TOMORROW and I can’t WAIT! Friday’s are the BEST! Open-mouthed smile


Thanks for your lovely (half!) birthday wishes on my post yesterday!! You are the BEST! And guess what happened today?! My AMAZING best friends surprised me with a half-birthday celebration!! They had baked a chocolate birthday cake, peanut butter cookies, dark chocolate and chocolate chip muffins! Seriously, how well do they know me?! I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, but I got to take the leftovers home so took photos then, and trust me they won’t be around for long! Winking smileDSC07279



They baked it all themselves and it was their first time baking vegan goods and they tasted SO delicious!! I had so many cookies and muffins, chocolate and two slices of cake. Hey, it’s my birthday! Smile with tongue out


All that sugar actually fuelled me SO well for a speedwork run! Based on Page’s Shreadmill run post today:

1 min at Distance/Long Run Pace (7.50 min/mile)
1 min at Goal Pace- 30 secs faster (7. 20 min/mile)
2 mins at 5k pace- (6.40 min/mile)
1 min at fast/hard pace- (6.10 min/mile)

+5 min warm-up @ 7.55 min/mile and 5 min cooldown @ 7.40 min/mile.

I did a Page and got my last interval down to in the 5 min/mile zone! SmileDSC07287

This was so FUN and it was great to change things up! Repeated the intervals five times and felt GREAT the whole time. Also did 30 mins on the elliptical afterwards. I am going to be fuelling all my future runs with cookies and cake methinks! Smile with tongue out


So, it’s Thirty Day Thursday!!image21

Day 29- Goals for this month

So I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers post their March goals, and I have a few of my own!


1. Train well. NOT overtrain of course, but stay focused, stick to my plan (which I’ll be talking about on Saturday) and this way I’ll be able to do well in my 5k race. This includes doing a lot of cross-training and at least one rest day– both my body and my mind need to chillax sometimes!


2. Keep studying all I can for running! What I have learned so far has helped me SO MUCH so more studying is going to really benefit me I think!DSC07270


3. Do a yoga session at least once a week. I do a few yoga stretches every day before bed, but since my yoga class got cancelled in January, I haven’t done a full session! I want to do at least a 40 min session once a week– I miss it!!


4. Rehydrate properly. I am seriously lacking in the rehydrating area. I drink a LOT of water but never replenish my salts, so I get a lot of muscle cramps and headaches as a result. I’m going to try to work on this this month and hopefully see results.


5. Join a gym. I quit my gym a few months ago because I felt it was getting too expensive for me, and have been using it on a pay-as-you-go basis since then. But I calculated yesterday that I am paying almost DOUBLE what a membership would cost me! So I think it’s time to sort that out!


6. Perfect my cinnamon-raisin peanut butter recipe. So many of you requested the recipe after I made it on Tuesday, but sadly it was only okaynot raisiny enough and too dry. So I WILL perfect it so we can all bathe in the nutty-cinnamony-raisiny goodness.DSC07227


7. Help others more. I want to start doing something that will benefit others, because sometimes I feel so self-centred, and I would really love to do something that will make a difference to other people!! I’m thinking of helping out with the youth group at my church or at a care home or something like that.


8. Wash my hair more often. No elaboration needed.


Do you have any goals for this month? I could list hundreds to be honest, but I don’t think I’d be able to acheive them all! Smile with tongue out


Are you a gym member? What is most important to you when looking at gyms? Price, classes, location, facilities, etc…for me, price is a big deal, but location and classes are also pretty important.


What is your exercise/run fuel of choice? Mine is Clif bars or PB+banana on toast normally, but now it’s cookies and cake!! Winking smile


ENJOY your Friday lovelies!!


Thirty Day Thursday- The Highs and Lows

Hey friends!! Hope you’re having an amazing day!! Today, it’s a Thirty Day Thursday!!


Day 30- Highs and Lows of this month

Seeing as this is the last Thursday of the month, I thought it’d be a good time to tackle this one!


High: I discovered my Ultimate Oatmeal Topping Combo on the first day of this month: PB+J. Original? No. The Best? Yes.DSC06212


Low: That first day my ankle issues also resurfaced. Damn ankle.DSC06235

High: Getting sent The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by lovely American blog reader Angie!!DSC06438


Low: Having ‘Aunt Flo’ visit, but not ACTUALLY visit. An oh-so-subtle period reference there! Winking smileSo spending that day feeling bleugh.

High: Spending that sick day doing fun things to cheer myself up, like baking my first ever batch of Super-Charge Me cookies!

My first batch, but definitely not my last…! Open-mouthed smile


High: Getting a FOOD PROCESSOR! Highlight of the year so far probably!!


High: Making homemade Dark Chocolate Dreams!!DSC06722

Low: Having a bad run.DSC06749

High: Powering through that bad run thanks to all my inspirations (which includes YOU guys!!) and turning it into a GREAT one.DSC06746

High: Amazing breakfasts, such as Triple Chocolate Oatmeal, Choco-Cocoonut-PB breakfast cake and Dark Chocolate Dreams OIAJ:




Are you seeing the chocolate theme there too? Smile with tongue out


High: Discovering balls and babies.

Banana-Coconut Balls:DSC06242

Tropical Balls:DSC06970

Katie’s Hot Cocoa Fudge Babies:DSC06790

...to name just a few! I love balls.

High: The muddiest…DSC06842

…but the most fun ‘race’ of my life:DSC06829

High: Having an AMAZING day in London, hitting Whole Foods, a hummus bar, and having the most delicious vegan dessert I have ever had.DSC06941

Chocolate Raspberry Torte, you WILL be replicated in my kitchen. And SOON.


High: Going to the BEST talk EVER on Sports Nutrition by a specialist who has WORKED WITH MY HEROINE, PAULA RADCLIFFE! Surprised smileDSC07054

(By the way, Monday’s Reader Request post will be some of the things I learned from the talk, as a LOT of you asked about it, and I can’t wait to share!!)


High: Tomorrow!! Early morning spin class, then I am going BACK to my beloved Whole Foods Kensington (3rd time this week!!) but this time I am going with my momma!! It’s only right that she gets to see my second home (and by that, I mean pay for all my goodies…! Smile with tongue out) and I’ll also be taking her to the giant bookstore and maybe to the movies too to see Black Swan…we’ll see! Looking forward to it though! Open-mouthed smile


Going to share some great recipes with you tomorrow too,  which I WOULD have done today, but this post is kinda long enough as it is! So keep a lookout for my Friday Favourites tomorrow!!


What are YOUR highs and lows of this month so far? I’d love to hear what’s made YOU happy so I can celebrate with you, and what’s made you sad so that I can send you virtual hugs. Smile


Have you got any good plans for tomorrow or for this weekend? I think my weekend will be more chilled, but I’m so excited about my busy day tomorrow!!


What was the last movie you saw? Have you seen Black Swan? I saw Tangled last, and The King’s Speech before that, and they were both GREAT! Can’t wait to see Black Swan!!


Have a great Friday tomorrow lovelies!!


P.S. Go check out my guest post on Jemma‘s blog! My Top Ten Training Tips 🙂

Thirty Day Thursday and cookie dough balls

It’s Thirty Day Thursday time friends!! (See here for my first Thirty Day Thursday post). I know you’ve been looking forward to it all week! Smile with tongue outimage21

Day 23- 5 guys I find attractive

HA! Thought this would be a fun one!! Winking smile


Firstly, people you will NEVER hear me saying I find attractive:

  • Robert Pattinson (I don’t get this obsession. At all.)
  • Daniel Radcliffe (How can anyone think Harry Potter is hot?!)
  • Tom Cruise (I just really don’t see it…)
  • George Clooney (Maybe back in the day, but just a tad past it now IMO!)


Now for my 5 famous attractive guys!

5.  Leonardo Di Caprio. Okay, so not so much nowadays, but in Titanic?! HOT.500full

Maybe I just love the character Jack though…….nah look at that cute smile of his! Naaw Smile


4. Chris Pine.chris-pineHad never heard of him until I saw the movie Star Trek. And fell in love.


3. Andy Roddick.andy_roddick_poker2

He actually makes me want to play tennis (well, only with him anyway!). And if you knew how embarrassingly awful I am at that game, you’d know that really is saying something.


2. Will Smith.untitled 2

I think his hilarity and nice-ness makes him so attractive! Not to mention that I grew up glued to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’untitled


So in first place…

1. JOEY!!joey-tribbiani

It never said the guys had to be real! Smile with tongue out

Joey shares my love of food:“JOEY EMMA DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” Joey is hilarious. And Joey speaks words of great wisdom:friends_joey_500x322_092520070506Oh, and he’s sexy as hell, right? Winking smileYfSOiqBBzncnfgt5hv45Mvpyo1_500 hyt

And because I obviously can’t leave you with a yummy food-less post…DSC06547

Averie’s Extra Protein No-Bake Vegan PB Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. They are amazing.


They take less than 5 minutes to throw together, have only 5 ingredients and are heavenly. Seriously, make them now!! Open-mouthed smile


So, who would make your list of famous attractive guys? Agree or disagree with any of mine? I’m warning you, DO NOT say anything bad about Joey, or I will get VERY upset!! And what 30 Day Challenge topic do you think I should do next week?


Oh, and have you made any cookie dough balls yet? I’ve made baked versions from Mama Pea and Diana, and no-bake versions from Gina and Averie! They’ve all been delicious!! I really want to make Mama Pea’s snickerdoodle ones next…mmm… Smile


Friday tomorrow friends!! Have a great one! Open-mouthed smile

Thirty Day Thursday and looking on the bright side

Hello friends! Open-mouthed smile

You may have seen this 30 Day Challenge on other blogs (I got the idea from the lovely Averie), and I think it’s a fun thing to do! So basically, every Thursday, I’m going to be posting about one of the Thirty Day Challenge topics! Not in order though, because where would be the fun in that? Smile with tongue outimage21

Day 26- What kind of person attracts you

So you may have heard me mention BodyPump boy before. Because clearly I am a little obsessed with him. Well today, straight after class, I ran off outside the hall leaving all my stuff and my set-up to take a call…dsc05785

…and when I got back, he’d put away all my weights and my bench and was holding the door open for me! Awww!! Smile

That is probably the thing I find most attractive in people! Manners, generosity and kindness wins over good looks for me any day!

Shmushy time over now! Smile with tongue out


I have also been a little bit obsessed with the whole PB+J combo this week. Read: oatmeal topping Every Single Day.


Peanut Butter and Jam


Dark Chocolate Dreams and Jam


Almond Butter and Jam

Yummy yummy yummy!

I was a bit sad today, because my ankle wasn’t feeling 100% still. I considered going ahead with my planned hill sprint run anyway, but decided in the end it’s better to play it safe. I always like to look on the bright side though!

Bad: Not being able to run today.

Good: This meant I could spend more time in the kitchen cooking up yummy goodies! Open-mouthed smile

Trial #6 of Emma’s Perfect Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie!DSC06276

Bad: Not yet perfect still! Tasters say the texture of this batch is perfect, but they preferred the flavour of Trial #6!
Good: All the trials mean I get to eat a lot of cookie dough, and a lot of cookies! Open-mouthed smile


DSC06278Bad: Not having enough of these…DSC06269

…to make Trial #7 today!

Good: This gave me the perfect excuse to make something else- Katie’s delicious Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bars! Made a few minor adaptations, but they were amazing!!DSC06303

Seriously, make these now!! They are yum!

Bad: I ate about half the batch! Embarrassed smile
Good: They were so darn tasty, I don’t regret it one bit! Winking smile

Bad: It finished off my jar of peanut butter!DSC06312

Good: This means Oats In A Jar tomorrow for brekkie! With jam on top of course! Smile with tongue out

Amazing: Going back to the cute health store I found on my run on Tuesday, and having a long chat with the lovely woman who owns it. She is my new best friend. She is 65, and ran a sub 3 hour marathon aged 57, and still runs marathons today!! So she is also my new idol. I wanted to take a picture of her and frame it but I don’t think she’d agree that we’re quite at that stage in our relationship…yet.

Even better: She gave me a half price on everything I bought, just because.


One of my goodies- nutritional yeast flakes

The Best: Lovely Amazing Marathon Woman also threw in a bar of dark choccie with raspberries for FREE for me after I told her how much I loved the last one! She says I need it to fuel my running! She knows me so well already! Open-mouthed smileDSC06229

We chatted for ages, and she gave me tons of advice on my running and speedwork!! I LOVE HER!!

So share with me what kind of person attracts you/what qualities in a person you find most attractive. Like I said, I love courtesy, manners, kindness, and I’ll add a good sense of humour to the list! Smile

Do you tend to look on the bright side of things? Glass half-full or half-empty? Please tell me about something Bad —-> Good that happened to you today!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my yoga giveaway! That’s another good thing!! Smile with tongue out

Have a great Friday lovelies!