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Thirty Day Thursday and looking on the bright side

Hello friends! Open-mouthed smile

You may have seen this 30 Day Challenge on other blogs (I got the idea from the lovely Averie), and I think it’s a fun thing to do! So basically, every Thursday, I’m going to be posting about one of the Thirty Day Challenge topics! Not in order though, because where would be the fun in that? Smile with tongue outimage21

Day 26- What kind of person attracts you

So you may have heard me mention BodyPump boy before. Because clearly I am a little obsessed with him. Well today, straight after class, I ran off outside the hall leaving all my stuff and my set-up to take a call…dsc05785

…and when I got back, he’d put away all my weights and my bench and was holding the door open for me! Awww!! Smile

That is probably the thing I find most attractive in people! Manners, generosity and kindness wins over good looks for me any day!

Shmushy time over now! Smile with tongue out


I have also been a little bit obsessed with the whole PB+J combo this week. Read: oatmeal topping Every Single Day.


Peanut Butter and Jam


Dark Chocolate Dreams and Jam


Almond Butter and Jam

Yummy yummy yummy!

I was a bit sad today, because my ankle wasn’t feeling 100% still. I considered going ahead with my planned hill sprint run anyway, but decided in the end it’s better to play it safe. I always like to look on the bright side though!

Bad: Not being able to run today.

Good: This meant I could spend more time in the kitchen cooking up yummy goodies! Open-mouthed smile

Trial #6 of Emma’s Perfect Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie!DSC06276

Bad: Not yet perfect still! Tasters say the texture of this batch is perfect, but they preferred the flavour of Trial #6!
Good: All the trials mean I get to eat a lot of cookie dough, and a lot of cookies! Open-mouthed smile


DSC06278Bad: Not having enough of these…DSC06269

…to make Trial #7 today!

Good: This gave me the perfect excuse to make something else- Katie’s delicious Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bars! Made a few minor adaptations, but they were amazing!!DSC06303

Seriously, make these now!! They are yum!

Bad: I ate about half the batch! Embarrassed smile
Good: They were so darn tasty, I don’t regret it one bit! Winking smile

Bad: It finished off my jar of peanut butter!DSC06312

Good: This means Oats In A Jar tomorrow for brekkie! With jam on top of course! Smile with tongue out

Amazing: Going back to the cute health store I found on my run on Tuesday, and having a long chat with the lovely woman who owns it. She is my new best friend. She is 65, and ran a sub 3 hour marathon aged 57, and still runs marathons today!! So she is also my new idol. I wanted to take a picture of her and frame it but I don’t think she’d agree that we’re quite at that stage in our relationship…yet.

Even better: She gave me a half price on everything I bought, just because.


One of my goodies- nutritional yeast flakes

The Best: Lovely Amazing Marathon Woman also threw in a bar of dark choccie with raspberries for FREE for me after I told her how much I loved the last one! She says I need it to fuel my running! She knows me so well already! Open-mouthed smileDSC06229

We chatted for ages, and she gave me tons of advice on my running and speedwork!! I LOVE HER!!

So share with me what kind of person attracts you/what qualities in a person you find most attractive. Like I said, I love courtesy, manners, kindness, and I’ll add a good sense of humour to the list! Smile

Do you tend to look on the bright side of things? Glass half-full or half-empty? Please tell me about something Bad —-> Good that happened to you today!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my yoga giveaway! That’s another good thing!! Smile with tongue out

Have a great Friday lovelies!


The Chocolate-Covered Diet

The Chocolate-Covered Diet is clearly a great diet. And Katie is clearly a Chocolate-Covered genius.

A Breakfast Of Champions– Katie’s Pumpkin BoatmealDSC06105

SO delicious! I have a really great idea now for a variation on this baked oatmeal, which I’ll test out soon… Winking smile


Katie’s mad tofu scramble was part of lunch.


Yummy!! I made with courgette (zucchini) and spinach

And to make Katie proud, I followed it up with…



You can’t beat this diet! Open-mouthed smile

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a friend’s birthday celebration today. But first, I had to fit in a run. So en route to her house, I stopped off at the gym for a quick tempo run.


3 miles- fast mile in 7.09 min/mile pace! 😀

Emma’s Fashion Faux Pas #1001Pairing orange and red. Especially the fluorescent orange


Clearly a great look. I suggest you try it too! 😛

…but at least I wasn’t wearing the green shorts with it like I was last week…yeah there was a good reason I didn’t photograph that particular outfit!

And really it’s lucky my friends are loving and embrace the mad girl who arrives at a party sweaty and brings her own vegan ‘cheeze’…


My first experience with vegan cheese! Tastes oddly like real cheese...

  The cheese was for pizza making! We had a toppings tableDSC06124

and makeshift rolling pins…DSC06127

Must remember that if using a wine bottle as a rolling pin, to flour it first though….! Smile with tongue out

I made and ate my whole pizza. ‘Twas very yummy! Smile


Topped with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions.


The vegan chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday were a huge hit too!


In fact, someone said (without too much coercion) that these were better than their normal non-vegan cookies! I had about five (because I am the cookie monster!), and I wholeheartedly agree with said person! Open-mouthed smile

I did eat some healthy food though! Like the odd tomato


(Please ignore the greasy+sweaty bangs!)

Clearly I achieved a good balance here! But I did successfully show that vegans can and do eat ‘normal’ foods like pizza and cookies!!  

So, tell me, have you tried any of Katie’s recipes? I’m also a huge fan of her pizzerts and peanut butter balls! Basically, I want to live with her so she can feed me yummy treats all day long. If you haven’t tried any of her stuff, DO IT NOW, seriously! Winking smile

What was the last Fashion Faux-Pas that you made? Apart from the whole colour-clash episode, I think turning up to a party in a baggy jumper and jeans because you left your ‘nice’ clothes waiting by the door at home, is a pretty good one too…! Smile with tongue out

Hope you had a great Saturday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! Smile

Friday Favourites

“Feel free to do it on your blog” <—– From the hilarious Janae’s amazing Friday Favourites post! SO I have taken her up on this offer! Open-mouthed smile Like she said, it is good to think about the things we are thankful for that make us happy!!

1. A Chocolatey Friday Breakfast. So this is a new invention of mine, but every Friday I will be celebrating the end of the working week with a nice healthy chocolatey breakfast. Like so:


Mmm…fluffy choco-banana oatmeal+ my first ever fudgie!


Sooo good! The fudgie melted and stirred in it was AMAZING!

2. An email from Women’s Running to say that this month’s mag is now out! I’m so addicted to expensive but amazing magazines like this and Runner’s World.home_1099

I know what I’ll be wasting spending my hard earned cash on tomorrow! Perfect gym entertainment. Someday I will master the art of reading+running at the same time…

3. Changing into sweats and fleecy socks as soon as I get home. Ultimate comfort. Height of fashion…DSC06095

And let us not forget the oh-so-cool granny fleece I’m rocking too…



I hear the fleece+sweats look is all the rage in Milan.

4. Cookie dough. Need I say more?DSC06088

Really, cookie dough is a health food. Good for the soul.

5. Baking with what is left of the cookie dough after you have consumed vast quantities of that goodness.


Can you tell I lost my cookie dough scoop? Unevenly sized cookies are much more fun anyway! 😛


This is my favourite cookie of my trials to make the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie! I think I’ll try one more tweak and then post the recipe! Open-mouthed smile

So what are your Friday Favourites? Spill the beans!!

And do you have something fun planned for this weekend? I’m going to a friend’s birthday bash tomorrow, hence the cookie making! I never go to someone else’s place empty-handed! Winking smile

Have a great weekend friends! Smile

I love cookies.

Hello lovelies! Smile

Ohmygoodness! I have just got back after not being in the house for over a day! Where has the weekend gone? I thought I was going to have a nice quiet weekend spent stalking all your amazing blogs and baking! But no…

A last minute concert came up (I never turn down money! Smile with tongue out) but it was an evening one not close to me, so a friend offered me a chance to crash at her place for the night.

Baggage overload!

I would never go to someone else’s place empty handed as you know!DSC05715

So I baked (and ate) vegan chocolate chip cookies! Smile Cookies are just plain amazing. I LOVE COOKIES!DSC05724

This recipe is SO almost perfect! Once I have perfected it, you’ll be the first to know, because you are special and deserve to eat amazing cookies.

Other eats included one of gorgeous Katie’s breakfast pizzerts. I make them in a sandwich tin though, so it’s more like breakfast cake. And man alive is it good! Cake for breakfast is the best thing ever!DSC05710

I made this one with unsweetened applesauce, chopped apple and cinnamon. Unbelievably divine.

To balance out all the cookie eating, I had a lovely salad from a salad bar.


Coucous, rice salad, chickpeas, kidney beans, beets, sweetcorn, mixed peppers and cuke.

Followed up with a few cookies. You know, to balance things out.

I’m a little behind with posts now, so I’ll post about my blog giveaway later this week, and my Killer Abs post tomorrow! Don’t forget that my Tone-Up challenge starts tomorrow for those that are joining me with the strength training- I can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile


What is your favourite cookie recipe/s? Feel free to link to them if they’re online recipes!

So I’m off to eat more cookies. I love cookies. Have a great cookie-filled week friends!!


 P.S. If you’re lucky enough to be a Brit (kidding!), check out my girl Carrie’s awesome giveaway!

P.P.S. Noticed the blog change? Q+A page is UP, so check it out! If you have any more questions feel free to ask away! Smile