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Green Monster Morning!

Thought I’d do a quick breakfast post…any guesses what I had? Smile with tongue out I’ll give you a clue: it began with these ingredients…


2 handfuls spinach, 3/4 ish cup soya milk, some cereal, a banana and 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum to make it nice and thick… Added some soya yoghurt as I had less than half a cup of milk left! But yoghurt makes it nicer anyway SmileDSC03141

Blend baby blend! Then add your toppings of choice:DSC03155

And then you end up with…DSC03147

A GREEN MONSTER! Emma-style SmileDSC03153

Emma-style includes eating the apricots first (and going back for more afterwards!), stirring in the Grape Nuts for some crunchiness, eating it whilst watching TV (recognise the program anyone? Smile with tongue out)…


and/or reading some quality material!DSC03156

And look, the Glamour ‘Health Handbook’ says that to relieve anxiety, we should all:


Didn’t mention Green Monsters in that article, but they should have! Smile with tongue out

Breakfast, check!

Have a great day!