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Whole Foods missions!

Hello lovelies! Smile

Today was the big Whole Foods trip! Before I set out on my quest, I managed to squeeze in a quick 45 min gym workout: 5 min elliptical warm-up, 20 min speed intervals (1 min 8mph-1 min 12mph repeated) on the treadmill and 20 mins speed intervals on the elliptical. The gym was practically empty today, which was weird because it has been teeming with people recently! So let’s play Where’s Wally! But with Emma instead…

DSC04786Did you spot me? I’m in the middle in red. It was just me and that guy you can kinda see on the treadmill in the right corner. It was nice having some quality alone time with him! Winking smile

My breakfast to fuel my workout was Ultra Bran cereal+coconut milk+ a banana:DSC04756


So after my workout, it was Whole Foods time! Open-mouthed smileDSC04785

I knew exactly where to head first. Mission 1: Get Dark Chocolate Dreams nut butter! But alas, it was not to be seen!DSC04760

The shelf label was there, but there was just loads of crunchy and smooth nut butter! PANIC! So of course, I did what all sane people do in this situation. I sat down in the aisle and took out the jars one by one to see if there was one behind them. Anything to find my Dark Chocolate Dreams!DSC04762

There was one! Just one! Success! Although the people around me clearly thought I was insane, not only for wreaking havoc with the nut butter but for then squealing (yes, I squealed with joy about finding nut butter!) and proceeding to photograph it!

Mission 2: Hit all the taster tables. The best thing about Whole Foods is definitely all the unmanned taster tables! Winking smile



Tyrell's natural chips


Dark chocolate!


'Corn chips' with salsa and guacamole for dipping 🙂


A variety of different types of melon


Tyrell's dried vegetable chips

I’m sure Whole Foods will have learnt their lesson about not leaving free food lying around when I visit for next time! Smile with tongue out

I ended up buying the following:DSC04795


Optimum cereal instead of Bodymatter granola. A cereal with cinnamon? I couldn't resist!


Raw coconut butter and my well-earned DCD!


New Nakd flavours for me! Ginger bread and Cocoa delight.


Unsweetened applesauce for baking 🙂

Mission 3: Try not to go into overdraft. So I considered buying these, but put them back cos they were too darn expensive!

Montezuma's banana and pecan chocolate block

Mission 4: Have an amazing lunch at WF. I thought about going down the salad bar route…DSC04776

…but wanted to try something different! Much as I love the salad bar (and I really do!), I wanted to check out the vegan and raw foods restaurant upstairs.index_saf-recipebox-1_1_2_140244218

I was in a hurry sadly, so I didn’t have time to enjoy their sit-down menu, which looked awesome, but instead looked at the take-out options:DSC04778

DSC04779I opted forDSC04781


I can honestly say this was the best wrap/sandwich I have ever had! So filling and flavoursome!DSC04784

And check out this stellar ingredients list:DSC04783

I have never seen nutritional yeast listed in sandwich ingredients before! Or quinoa and flax seed oil for that matter!

The busy day continued after the WF trip with the annual Christmas food shop with my mum, where the bill came to over £160! Surprised smile So since I got back late from that (3 days before Christmas=supermarket madness!), I threw together a quick meal: wholewheat noodles in soy sauce with basil tofu and a side of baby carrots:DSC04804


I’m so excited about my WF purchases! I especially can’t wait to make Katie’s Coconut Butter Melties and Chocolate Peanut Butter Melties! Open-mouthed smile 

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be making the vegan chocolate cupcakes I mentioned yesterday to take to a friend’s party! Can’t wait to get my bake on again! So stay tuned to see those!

And my Amazon package finally arrived! So happy! Now I have all my presents and cards, and just need to wrap! Whoop! Open-mouthed smile

So what about you? How ready are you for Christmas Day? Only 2 and a bit days to go now!!! And what is the best sandwich filler combo you’ve ever had? Obviously sundried tomato+nut cheese is the winner in my book!

Merry Christmas to you! Smile


Dear Santa

Happy December 1st!! To me, this is when the Christmas period really begins! To top off the happiness, I had a great stay-at-home day today because of the snow! Open-mouthed smileDSC04176

It had snowed constantly yesterday and throughout the night, so it was very thick today! I can’t remember every having such thick snow! Check out how much has fallen on our sundial:DSC04177

And this sight really gave me a fright when I opened my curtains this morning:DSC04178

Icicles are scary!

Pre-breakfast workout was clearing the drive and the front of the house of snow. This was a good muscle workout! It didn’t help though that my muscles are still killing from Monday’s first ever BodyPump class! Confused smile I wrapped up appropriately (it was still snowing at the time):DSC04183

In my defence, this photo was taken very, very early in the morning for me! Smile with tongue out

My well-earned breakfast was, you guessed it, a huge bowl of oatmeal! Made with this stuff…DSC04169

…which is delicious! This coconut milk provides more than a third of your recommended daily amount of calcium! Smile I may even like this more than oat milk…hmm…

I topped my oatmeal with a handful of Bodymatter granola:DSC04172

I considered adding more granola, but I’m really trying to make this stuff last, and at the rate I’m munching it, it won’t last another week! Too. Darn. Addictive. Winking smile


Lunch was delicious too! Wholewheat noodles in soy sauce, with the remainders of yesterday’s smoked tofu and some fried courgette:DSC04188 

The bad thing about all this snow is that I can’t run in it! A little bit of snow might be fine, but with the heavy amount we have at the moment, it would be hard and quite dangerous. So I decided today to go to my local gym (which took me 45 mins to walk to, instead of the usual 20 mins!), and hit the treadmill, much as I hate it!


Fuelled by my peanut butter sandwich, packed half for a pre-workout snack and half for afterwards:DSC04197I only managed 30 mins on the dreadmill before giving in and hopping on the cross-trainer/elliptical for half an hour, then headed on the slow snowy walk home. I had thankfully wrapped up well:DSC04207 On the way home, I enjoyed looking at our town’s Christmas lights and decorations, which are really quite nice this year!DSC04209



And on that note, here’s what tops my Christmas list this year:GarminForerunner305GPSReceiver

The Garmin Forerunner 305!!! Open-mouthed smile I think I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, and hopefully Santa will agree! Smile Other Xmas list items include…

A running non-slip headband from Sweaty Betty suitable all year round to keep my fringe+hair out of my face:


This Nike Thalia Two-in-One Women’s Sport top, that will be great for yoga, gym, etc:Nike-Thalia-Two-In-One-Womens-Sports-Top-381005_010_A

And the Born to Run book by Christopher McDougall:born_to_run

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

A Bittersweet Thanksgiving

Hey everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who are celebrating it today! Smile Sorry I didn’t post yesterday- I got back late from a concert, so I took a packed dinner:DSC04024

Wholewheat noodles in soy sauce, with tofu and courgette (zucchini), which made a great, filling dinner  that took less than 10 minutes to throw together!

And when I got back later, I snacked on an apple and cinnamon yoghurt mess:DSC04027

Apple and cinnamon complemented this season perfectly! Thanks for all your comments on Tuesday’s post by the way- it seems as though the majority agree with me in thinking that autumn/fall is the best food season! Smile

Breakfast today was pumpkin oatmeal with the last remainders of my open can of pumpkin. I have many more cans,  but am trying not to go through them too fast as I am very miserly (they aren’t cheap!), so sadly it may be a while before it returns! Sad smile Well actually, it probably won’t be that long- self control was never one of my strong points! Smile with tongue outDSC04029

That miniscule  blob was all that was left in the tin! Still made it lovely and pumpkiny though! Open-mouthed smile All stirred in and topped with a crumbled pumpkin cookie:DSC04001

Today sadly was my uncle Raj’s funeral. If you didn’t know, my fit+healthy uncle Raj died suddenly of a heart attack two weeks ago aged just 48. The funeral was very sad, but it was great talking to everyone at the reception and hearing all their funny stories about him! He was such a joker! Open-mouthed smile The funeral programme:DSC04045

He shared my love of running, and was actually running when he had his first heart attack a few days before the second one that killed him. He also shared my love of food, so they made sure that the funeral reception had lots of his favourite foods. The buffet included these cute mini quiches:DSC04033

And these cupcakes:DSC04032


I had a ton of savoury food (quiches galore!), so by the time they brought out the cupcakes, I was too stuffed to eat them! But my brother made up for me by eaing three, and I did enjoy quite a bit of my delicious pumpkin gingerbread a few hours later when I got back home! Smile with tongue out

Also, this was waiting for me when I got home:DSC04035

A package! And y’all know how much I love packages! Open-mouthed smileDSC04036

I knew it would  be my protein powder that I ordered a few days ago before I opened it, but I was in for a bit of a surprise!DSC04037

Soya protein? I thought I ordered pea protein?


Nope, looks as though I accidently ordered soya protein instead! As  I had had some stomach issues with soya milk, I had decided to go for the pea protein, but as I can’t really be bothered to send it back and get the right one, I think I’ll just try this and see how I feel! So it called for a quick Protein Green Monster:DSC04039

Oat milk, pear, spinach, xanthan gum, cinnamon and protein powder, all blended:DSC04041

Wasn’t quite sweet enough for me- had to add some agave. The stomach’s feeling fine at the moment, but we’ll see later! Hopefully there’ll  be no problem Smile

So what are you thankful for today? I’m thankful that Raj’s life was one filled with happiness and joy, and that his wife and children know how very much he loved them. Better to live a short but happy life than a long and unfulfilling one, right?

“Every man dies.  Not every man really lives.”  <—— So make sure you do! Smile

Tough run :(

Hello all! This morning began with a planned run. I fuelled up with PB on toast for breakfast, which had to be enjoyed without my usual banana, as we had run out again! Sad smile Still good though!DSC03876

And can you believe it, there was actually some sun/blue skies this morning! Surprised smileDSC03879

So headed outside to soak up some Vitamin D on what was supposed to be an easy 4-miler. I don’t know what was wrong today, but I felt bad through most of the run! I’d overdressed again (although this wasn’t a problem- just a little annoying!) Should have followed Jen’s example and worn shorts, rather than running tights! Smile with tongue out Anyway, at about mile 3, my stomach started playing up. I felt really ill! It was a struggle to get home (I had to take a couple of breaks to see if the stomach pain would go; it didn’t) but I made it back, very disheartened, and with no idea why it had gone so badly! Confused smile I have some fartlek/interval training planned for tomorrow, so lets hope the tummy is okay then!

Despite the dodgy tummy, I still managed an average pace of 8.40 min/miles, so which wasn’t bad considering! Smile Post-run, I had soya yoghurt topped with my homemade granola:DSC03886

I think this actually helped my stomach! After having this, my stomach felt fine! Smile

I had a late lunch, as I had had a lot of mid morning snacks! I started by roasting up some butternut squash:DSC03894

I would have squash more often (I love it!) except for the whole peeling/deseeding/chopping thing, which takes me ages! I also sautéed this cute little courgette in EVOO spray:DSC03896 And served it with a nest of wholewheat noodles and some spinach. By the way, I recently got emailed by someone asking how they could up their fruit+veg intake. So here’s a little spinach wilting tip that is great for when you want to add it to pasta or noodles, and is miles quicker than doing it separately. Line your colander with the spinach…DSC03898

…and then drain the pasta/noodles into the colander:DSC03899

This wilts the spinach without any effort! A great no-fuss way to up the veg intake Smile

Altogether, a delicious and colourful lunch:DSC03904DSC03905

Do you have any tips on how to increase your fruit and vegetable intake with minimal effort?

Have a great evening! Open-mouthed smile

Upcoming London Running Show!

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great day! Just got back from a party, and thought I’d try and churn out a brief post! Just so you know, I’m feeling a lot better today- I think it was just one of those 24 hour bugs, so thanks for the good wishes! Smile

For breakfast, I fancied something big and pumpkiny (what’s new!). Enter pumpkin oatmeal:DSC03349

I decided to make it slightly more solid than usual, by reducing the usual 1.5 cups milk to about 1.25, or less. Also 1 cup oats, 1/4 cup canned pumpkin, 1/4 teaspoon mixed spice, 1/2 cinnamon and agave nectar to sweeten, and raisins stirred in and sprinkled on top.

Lunch was a bowl of wholewheat noodles with soy sauce with tofu buried under it…DSC03351

…and some unpictured roasted veggies and spinach on the side. Smile Dinner was at the party, and entailed of a couple of slices of pizza, some side salad (killer croutons!) and some birthday cake! I had a lot of unhealthy food today (there was a lot of other sweet treats thrown in as well!) Smile with tongue out And the party surprise? You’ll never guess! It was a stretch limo, that took us all round London, stopping off at the London Eye for a bit! Open-mouthed smile It was so cool-I’d never been in a limo before, and man it was comfy! Leather sofas no less, and had it’s own bar, fridge and stereo! Smile

So anyway, the blog title. I saw an advert for the London Running Show in ‘Running Free’ magazine that I picked up from a running store. It looks good, and I think I might go! They have a lot of things going on over the course of the weekend (27th-28th November) from seminars and exhibitions to workshops from some top running brands. Have any of you been to this before, or something similar? Was it good/useful?

P.S. I got sent this video by my uncle when I was ill yesterday, as he said it would cheer me up, and it really did! If you haven’t seen it already, watch it! It’ll make you smile Smile

‘Where the Hell is Matt?’