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Fire shoes

Hey friends! Smile

I am SO excited! Yesterday night, after reading your opinions on my running shoes (majority orange > green, and I agree!), I decided to go ahead and order the orange. BUT the orange shoes in my size had gone out of stock! Surprised smileThe green wasn’t though…was it a sign? I kept looking though, and found some similar but even better shoes!

Fire shoes!


 Saucony Lady Grid Type A3 racing flats! They’re a better model (lighter etc.) than the other ones, and actually worked out cheaper too on Wiggle, even though they are normally much more expensive! Seeing that there was only one pair left in my size, it was a mad rush to find my credit card and order in time before some other evil person snatched them up, but I got them! And can’t wait till they arrive!!! My feet will look like they’re on fire! Open-mouthed smile

I had an ‘easy’ run today to stretch out my legs after all the speedwork, and I really loved it! I took a different route spur-of-the-moment, got a little lost when dreaming about the Fire Shoes, but eventually found my way back in the rain!


Runner's high!

< 5 miles in 38 mins. I wanted to go further, but had to quickly change and get ready for BodyPump!


Ma setup

Biceps are the hardest. Hands down. Squats are the most fun! Smile

I found my new favourite pre-workout snack by the way!


What. A. Dork.

It’s called Dippy Banana. Instead of spreading nut butter on your banana, you just go ahead and dip it right in there! Dip, munch, dip, munch. Awesome. You need drippy nut butter (like my almond butter) by the way, and trust me, you’ll never want to go back to the traditional/boring spreading. Double dipping is much more fun! Smile with tongue outbanana_peanutbutter

This totally made me dream of banana-nut butter muffins/cookies. I don’t know if they exist, but I must make some! Smile

Snackage also included baked beans on some delicious toasted pumpkin seed rye bread from The Haul. The pumpkin seeds made this bread- such a great texture and flavour!DSC05779

‘Baked beans?!’ I hear you scoff. Well, just half a can provides 1/4 of your RDA of protein! So take that baked bean prudes! Smile with tongue out I, of course, had the whole can. Never do things by halves.DSC05781 “Baked beans are good for the heart…” I’ll pretend I’ve forgotten the rest of the words! Winking smile

So my Monday was pretty awesome! Made all the more so by seeing Jemma’s amazing Nakd bar giveaway! I recently won her last giveaway, and am still loving the 30 Mule Bars I won as a result! Fingers crossed for a second win! Smile with tongue out

So I’m interested to hear what you think about when you’re running/working out. I usually think about things happening in my life (Fire Shoes!), or play imaginary games with myself, like pretend there are dragons chasing me or something. Because in my head I am still an 8 year old. So what do you think about?

Also, what is your favourite pre-workout snack? If it’s a long run, my standard is peanut butter+banana sandwich before, but a normal run is a Dippy Banana now! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you had a great Monday too! Smile

P.S. My Tone-Up strength training challenge starts today! Good luck to those who’re joining me with it! I have taken my embarrassing ‘Before’ photo and measurements, so can’t wait for the results!!


Attack of the Snack Monster and FAQ’s!

Hello friends! Smile

I just got back from another BodyPump class! Love them!DSC05472

The results you get are very noticeable too- I’ve only been going once/twice a week for less than a month and I’m already lifting heavier weights and seeing a real difference! Open-mouthed smileCan’t wait to start my Tone Up challenge on Monday too, and it’s not too late to join me if you like! Smile

Breakfast was applesauce oatmeal (a new combo!)…DSC05671

…topped with granola (duh!):DSC05677

I love how oatmeal is so changeable! And I’ve almost finished my huge jar of PB, so I can’t wait for OIAJ! Open-mouthed smile 

The Snack Monster seriously attacked me today.


Grilled large mushrooms filled with red pepper houmous


Rice cakes, one topped with red pepper houmous, the other almond butter.


Delicious Raw apricot and almond snack bar


Honeydew melon and grapes

Cereal and coconut milk

So I fed him! Winking smile Nothing would satisfy the Snack Monster though…but everything tasted goood! You know, someone said to me today that it was a “good thing I exercised, otherwise I’d be so fat”! Not sure whether that was a compliment or not…!

Of course, I still had room for dinner though! I made a curried lentil and potato dish.DSC05668

Lentils are awesome! High in fibre, iron and protein! Open-mouthed smilePerfect post-workout food! As is this…


Soya yoghurt and GRANOLA


Seriously, somebody stop me! Or at the very least check me into a Granola rehab! They surely must exist for ‘special’ people like me…!

Announcement: One of my ‘reader’s requests’ was a FAQ page. Now I feel a little…self-conscious/vain/egotistical(?) about making one, but it was a request, and I do love reading other’s FAQ pages, so please send me your questions! You can leave a comment below or email me your questions. I’ll answer (almost!) anything!

Coming up tomorrow is some baking, which I haven’t done in a few days, and so am getting withdrawal symptoms from (typical signs include constantly reading cookbooks, stockpiling ingredients, stalking food blogs, etc.)! There are some great recipes I have to try out! What is on your To-Make/Bake list? Mine is literally a mile-long and mostly recipes from other bloggers like Mama Pea and Oh She Glows! Smile with tongue out

TGIF tomorrow! I’m exhausted, don’t know about you! Bring on the weekend! Open-mouthed smile

Goodnight lovely readers, and don’t forget to ask away!

Caught red handed…

You got me.DSC05664

That’s what happens when you eat your body weight in ridiculously addictive Wild Berry granola right from the packet.DSC05624

Granola is like crack to me. Seriously, if I ever get my hands on dark chocolate granola, I think I may have to be admitted to rehab.


Lizi's Belgian Chocolate granola!!

Yes, I did Google that!  And now I know exactly where to buy it… Winking smile

Top News Story Of The Day: I tried almond butter for the first time!!



Lovin' that ingredients list!

The all important tasting session…straight from the spoon…



Side note: You may be wondering why I have a scarf wrapped round my head. Well this is why…


Bad hair day.

 I. Love. Almond. Butter!! Dare I say…possibly even more than peanut butter? Surprised smileI also had almond butter on toast, and then on this rye bread from The Haul:DSC05647

The bread’s quite nice, but very strange tasting to someone who has never had rye bread before! It definitely grew on me though SmileDSC05651

I tried to get in a treadmill interval sesh in my lunch break. But every single one was taken. So I did 30 mins of intervals on the elliptical instead whilst watching + waiting to pounce, but the Treadmill Hoggers didn’t budge! To be honest, I can’t complain, because I’m usually one of them! Smile with tongue out So I gave up, and ended up doing a windy, rainy hilly 3 miler later on in the dark. I got some Tweet motivation from the lovely Freya, so I set out positive!DSC05657

I was fairly happy with my average 8.08 min/mile pace, especially given the conditions! Smile

Post-run snackage included soya yoghurt with granola


…with a side of 2 big bowlfuls of more granola! Addiction sure ain’t pretty, but it tastes darn good!

You know, I think I can fit a fair bit of quality time with my granola tomorrow before, after and possibly even during BodyPump…! Open-mouthed smile

Something that you are addicted to? Other than granola obviously, dark chocolate is a biggie, followed by baking and buying magazines…  And do you have a Thursday Workout? Mine is Pump, and possibly a run if I can get that in too! Smile

Have a great Thursday lovelies!!

Chocolate covered day

Hello lovelies! Open-mouthed smile

Thanks you guys for your responses to my Strength Training post Part 2! I love all you friends! Smile

I had such a chocolate covered day! It started with an epiphany. As you may recall, to the disbelief of many of you, I had NEVER tried oatmeal with PB before, until a few days ago. And then whilst raiding my cupboards this morning for brekkie inspiration, my eyes fell on this beauty:DSC05572

So Dark Chocolate Dreams was my oatmeal topping. Holy Macaroni was this good.DSC05575

Stirred in, this bad boy was seriously foodgasmic. And guess what lunch was? A Dark Chocolate Dreams sandwich. Oh yes. Followed up with some…DSC05598

dark choccie! One square 85%, one 70%. I think I prefer the 85%, but it’s a hard one! Smile with tongue out

And do you know what the most exciting thing (not including my killer BodyPump class!) to happen to me today was?DSC05576

Package deliveries! Of food!! <—Clearly the best kind! 😛


Alara organic mueslis


Windmill Organics products

The amazing folks at Alara and Windmill Organics sent me some of their stuff to try! Aren’t they loverly! SmileCan’t wait to dig into everything!! And you see the bubble wrapped packages in the box? Weeell…DSC05578

NUT BUTTERS! I’ve never tried either of these flavours before- so exciting! Open-mouthed smile

These yummy foods are linked to my upcoming giveaway! Not giving anything away yet, but start getting excited…! Winking smile

Tomorrow is going to be such an awesome day! I’m trying out some of this stuff (obvs!), going for a morning run, as well as a spin class, and then it’s baking time! I sadly do have my usual baking dilemma though: so many amazing recipes, so little time! But never fear, it will a) all be shared, and b) probably contain chocolate chips! That’s how I roll! Open-mouthed smile

So what kinda chocolate is your favourite? I like 75%-85% dark. And please don’t leave a comment saying you don’t like chocolate, because I will cry. And what flavours of nut butter have you tried, and what are your faves? Er…peanut butter, and dark chocolate PB…and that’s it! Fun Fact: Up until I started this blog a few months back, I had never tried PB before! Can you believe it? Surprised smile

Random picture of the day (Janae-style!)

2005-06-13 039

Buddy as a puppy!

Now if that cute lil’ face doesn’t brighten your day, then I don’t know what will!

Have a great week friends! Smile