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Straight in, Straight out

Hey friends!!

Haha I’ve just reread the post title, and I realise it may sound a little gross, but trust me, I don’t mean it like that! Smile with tongue out It’ll all be explained!!

And thanks lovelies for your kind comments and your FAQ requests! I’m writing them up over the weekend, so feel free to keep your questions coming! Smile

Breakfast was some lovely choco-banana oatmeal:


And some unpictured granola for post-brekkie munchies! Smile with tongue out

My good deed for the day was writing an Operation Beautiful note in the gym! For some unknown reason there is a whiteboard in there, so when no-one was looking, I left a little love for everyone.


YOU are beautiful: weight does NOT measure worth

It feels so good to do that! Smile

So the post title? Well today I was handed this ominous looking envelope…DSC05708…but it was a cheque! I finally got paid for a quartet job (I’m a musician) I did at the Foreign Office back in September! A little late I know, but I got paid extra because of it! Open-mouthed smileI am not a saver. Well, I do try, but fail quite spectacularly.

So with this money I am probably purchasing these bad boys:


Saucony Fastwitch 4 Performance/Race shoes!! They’re supposed to be awesome! Open-mouthed smile


I think the idea behind these ultra-vivid colours is to blind your race competitors, thereby allowing you to overtake and win. Smart thinking Saucony, but ya can’t fool me! Smile with tongue out

Honest opinion on the shoes? Do you prefer the orange or green, or do you think they’re both equally vile? I personally quite like the brightness, and am leaning towards the orange… To runners, do you have race/other shoes, or do you just use your normal ones?  I know some runners have a thousand different pairs of shoes for different things, but at the mo I just have my beloved Asics that I use for everything!

And are you a saver or a spender? Have you got any saving tips for spendaholics like me? I try and save at least 10% of my earnings, but that usually ends up being spent at Whole Foods on food in general…!

Off now to bake some chocolate chip cookies from this amazing cookbook:

Vegan with a Vengeance

 It’s certainly gonna be a wild Friday night for me! Winking smile

 Have a great weekend y’all! And stay tuned for my abs post coming up soon! Open-mouthed smile