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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

And snow it certainly did!DSC04136

I opened my curtains to this sight this morning.DSC04137

Believe it or not, this was the best weather of the day! Soon after I snapped these photos, the heavens opened and the never-ending blizzard began!

Cold weather=warm breakfast—–> oatmeal!DSC04139

I used Mimi’s tip on mimicking the texture of stovetop oatmeal by stirring in a spoonful of extra oats after microwaving, and it really worked! The texture was much better!  Thanks Mimi! Smile

Travelling in the snow today was fun! Well, for me anyway! Smile with tongue out I walked everywhere, but my brother, who had to get the train, has been trying to get home for four hours now (his commute usually takes 30 mins), but still is not very near! My Asics did me proud, and kept me upright and my feet dry+warm:DSC04148

Sadly the weather was too severe for my planned 5-miler. My back-up plan was an aerobics class, but that was cancelled due to the weather too! I’ll have better luck tomorrow hopefully! Open-mouthed smile

For lunch, I wanted something warm and season-appropriate. So I peeled+cubed a large sweet potato tossed it in a teaspoon of cinnamon and roasted it, which really hit the spot! Served with this purchase from Whole Foods:DSC04150

This smoked tofu was so good! The sunflower seeds in it gave the texture a slight crunch, which was great! I think it may even beat the basil flavour…! It also came marked for easy cutting, specially for people like me who have issues with that sort of thing! Smile with tongue out I fried it for a few minutes to give it a slightly crispy texture, but I had some as it was and that was delicious too!DSC04152

I also filled a large flat mushroom with Pure dairy-free cream cheese, and grilled it for a few minutes. And burnt it a bit too! Of course, this just added to the yumminess in my opinion! Winking smile


The tofu was so good that I ended up eating a lot of it whilst waiting for my sweet potato to roast. I may have had almost the whole pack…! Open-mouthed smile Also enjoyed pear with cinnamon:DSC04158

To warm me up during the afternoon, I had two cups of this Whole Foods buy:DSC04167

Enjoyed in my Emma mug SmileDSC04162

The scene from the back of my house was very beautiful and peaceful. Check out the thick layer of snow on my wall!DSC04159


However, at the front of my house, there was complete and utter chaos. We live on the hill of a major road, and the snow was causing huge problems for the traffic once the snow started tipping down:DSC04140

There were abandoned cars (the one on the far left), cars that were scarily skidding straight down (the red one) and ones that were sliding backwards down the hill (one on the right). Buses and cars were abandoned at the top of the hill because it would be far too risky for them to try and make it down:



Seeing as this was the state of the road, I’m not surprised!DSC04147

Still beautiful though SmileDSC04146

The people struggling in their cars must have gotten really annoyed at the girl snapping photos of their battle against the snow! Smile with tongue out

This kind of heavy snow is pretty rare where I live, which explains the chaos! How often do you get heavy snow where you live? Did you have any weather problems today?

By the way, I loved reading your responses to yesterday’s post, and agree with all your points and comments. I emailed the reader to ask her to read the post and your comments to see what she makes of it, so thanks for weighing in! Smile


A banana-less morning

Why do we run out of bananas so often??? Probably because I eat at least one a day, but still! Smile with tongue out I hate banana-less mornings Sad smile

So this morning I got up, all ready for my quick pre-9am rehearsal early morning workout, but was greeted with this sight:DSC03919

No bananas hanging from the banana hook, no apples, three questionable satsumas, and a pear. So immediately my usual pre-workout snack of banana+peanut butter was out! And what about my planned post-workout Green Monster, with the lack of bananas?

I managed to find an apple and a pear in our other fruit bowl (we actually have three for some reason!) so pre-workout snack was an apple+peanut butter:


And after Nell McAndrew’s Ultimate Challenge worked me into a sweat after half an hour, I turned my attention to the Green Monster… I decided to try it without the usual banana and with two  of these instead:DSC03921

I had no need to worry-it was delicious! Pear and Cinnamon Green Monster: 2 handfuls fresh spinach, 2 pears, 3/4 cup soya milk, 1 cup cereal (optional) 3 ice cubes, 1/2 tsp xanthan gum and about 1 tsp cinnamon. All blended:

DSC03923DSC03922DSC03924And served with more cereal on top:DSC03926

Deliciousness! Green Monsters are so good! Open-mouthed smile It was enjoyed whilst reading some more of this:DSC03929

It’s really good so far, but I’ll give a full review when I’m done Smile

Off to do some baking now hopefully! Another loaf of apple and cinnamon bread is currently baking in my bread machine, and is smelling divine!

What is your morning routine not complete without? I always have a banana, whether it’s in something or on its own- couldn’t live without them! Smile with tongue out

Hope you’re having a good Saturday! Open-mouthed smile