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My inner geek

Hey friends!! Hope you had a rockin’ Wednesday!! *Edit: This is yesterday’s post! My internet was down last night so I couldn’t publish it!!*


Breakfast this morning involved something totally new: bulgur. Inspired by Katie’s breakfast bulgur, I thought I’d try something different! I’m really trying to experiment with my brekkies this week, and I’m loving it! Open-mouthed smile


Topped with black cherry fruit spread and sultanas

Brekkie Bulgur ‘Rice Pudding’ (inspired by Katie’s recipe)

Serves 1. Tastes like pudding.

  • 1/3 cup prepared bulgur wheat (see Katie’s tutorial for a great how-to)
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (I used coconut)
  • 2 tbsp (soy) yoghurt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  1. Combine the cooked bulgur with the applesauce and milk in a saucepan and heat on low, stirring occasionally like you would oatmeal.
  2. Once the bulgur has absorbed most/all of the liquid and reached desired texture, remove from heat.
  3. Stir in yoghurt, transfer to a bowl, add spices and toppings/mix-ins and enjoy!!

Nutritional Info (excluding toppings/mix-ins): Calories 241, Fat 2.2g, Fibre 9.9g, Protein 8.7g


This is amazing!! Tastes like rice pudding and is so filling! All stirred in:




I exercised my inner geek big time today. Well I am a geek, and usually embrace that. But today was geek-overload…


Geek Example #1: Obsessive running research. I am a running geek. I headed to the library and got a ton more books out on running.DSC07031

Knowledge is power people, knowledge is power…


After breakfast and the library visit, I headed to the gym for my longer easier run of the week (6 miles @ 8 min/mile pace). Gym entertainment:DSC07033

iPod for plugging into the tread and watching Toy Story 3 on, then ‘Performance Nutrition for Runners’ book for the elliptical, using the good ol’ hairband trick:DSC06449

Geek alert. I always get funny looks doing that, but hey, at least I’m not stuck with watching reruns of Bargain Hunters on the gym TVs like everyone else! Smile with tongue out


In true geek style, I put what I’d learned from the first few chapters of that book (which is AWESOME so far btw!) into practice at lunch with a ‘balanced’ meal:DSC07039

Veggies (broccoli+mushrooms): check. Carbs (spelt flakes): check. Protein (‘Cheezy scrambled tofu’ and more nutritional yeast in the spelt flakes): check.


Dessert was Averie’s amazing ‘Raw Vegan Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding’. DSC07047

I did a little happy dance at all the goodness there. GEEK.


Not to mention it tasted SO yummy!!


I then headed off to central London! Being a geek, I went to spend some quality time in Europe’s largest bookstore (Waterstone’s Piccadilly). I almost fainted when I saw the HUGE section of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks!


About half of them!


EVERYTHING I had ever clicked ‘Add to Wishlist’ on Amazon was right there. Being a geek, I counted the vegan cookbooks. 31. New record.DSC07051

I couldn’t leave that section empty handed. Especially when I saw Lindsay’s book! I’ve been reading her blog forever, and I was reminded of it after seeing that Freya had bought it in her post yesterday. So I got it too!  DSC07066

It was this recipe that had me:


Single-Serving Brownie?! Hell YES!

I then went to check out the running section. And fainted in awe. Hence no photo of that gloriousness! I did take a stack of books though and sat on the floor and read them, because I’d already spent all my money. WHAT a geek. And said geek WILL be returning on Friday to drool over the books some more!


The Geek headed next to Whole Foods. Because The Geek can’t manage to not go there after 2 days apart apparently. Only THIS time it wasn’t for food, it was for the Sports Nutrition talk!DSC06952

It. Was. Brilliant.DSC07054

It was a lovely small  group of us (only 13!) in a little room with comfy chairs. Oh, and they provided food.


A platter of fruit and a platter of veg. Only at a nutrition talk! 😛


Got given a wrap too! 😀

And gave us some snack bars to take, like this one:DSC07053

Bonus points because they provided ‘doggy bags’ for us to take stuff home at the end. Guess who made it first to the food?DSC07061




Because I’m a geek, I took copious notes.DSC07069

Like I would want to miss anything important! I learned SO much (I NEED MORE SALT), and was totally inspired by the speaker! He did make one mistake though: he gave me his email address. Guess who I’m going to be bombarding with questions daily? Winking smile


Okay, so some recipes coming up tomorrow! Think hummus people, think hummus. The Geek tried 5 batches to get it right, and grew many, many grey hairs. Worth it though Smile


Are you a geek? Are you proud of your inner geek or do you hide it away? I’m proud to be a geek. I think it’s cool (<—GEEK!)


What books are on your Wish List? I have SO many! Including Run FasterThe Thrive Diet, and Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar. Says a lot about me really! Smile with tongue out


And did you notice a change to the recipe I posted? I posted the nutritional stats after an email I got requesting the calorie counts for my recipes. What do you think- stats or no stats? I’m not a calorie counter, but I appreciate that some people might want to know, and I do like knowing the protein and stuff…so I’m mixed!!


Sorry for the ridiculously long post! The Geek needed to express herself eloquently! Smile with tongue outHave a great week friends!!


Morning no-brainer

Apparently, I’m not so good in the mornings. I love them and all, but apparently my brain can’t function well…but I did learn three very important lessons today when I did my first ever super-early-pre-church workout!


1. Breakfast means getting up earlier. Especially if you want Pancake Sunday! Otherwise you’ll just have to go with the cereal+banana combo, cos that’s all you’ll have time for…


Optimum blueberry and cinnamon flax cereal+coconut milk and banana

Still yummo of course, but nothing beats pancakes on Pancake Sunday.

2. Pack gym bag the night before. That way you won’t be running around in the dark throwing clothes everywhere because you can’t find the capris you live in normally…and then couldn’t find in the end anyway.Nike-Be-Fast-Womens-Nylon-Training-Capris-412628_010_A


3. Don’t forget to shave your legs. Because you will be forced to wear your Nike Tempos with hairy legs


You can breathe, I'll spare you the close-up! 😛


Despite all that, I had an AMAZING workout, with the my hardest ever treadmill run! I opted for a 30 min pre-set hill session, and it was so hard that after 10 mins I had to reduce my speed to 8 min/mile!DSC06651

The incline climbed up to 7% TWICE, which is way more than I’ve ever done before, and held it there for a few minutes! The second time round I almost died. It was SO awesome, and totally kicked my ass! I was dripping sweat, which combined with the Super Hairy Legs must have made for one helluva attractive sight! And I can’t wait to tackle it again next week! Open-mouthed smileDSC06653

I cooled down on the elliptical for a bit, then sprinted to get changed in time for church. No, I didn’t shower until after the service. So everyone hated me for that, and for *quietly* munching away during the service…


I’m one of those weird cool people that eat all the time. Even when just walking from place to place, I usually have food in my mouth. But next time I think it might be wise for me to swap the CRUNCH bar for a banana or something next time though…funnily enough eating that bar quietly wasn’t very successful…!Smile with tongue out


In other news, I USED MY FOOD PROCESSOR FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Wahoo! After about half an hour of serious confusion, I managed to work out out how to turn it on. Actually, that’s a lie. I got help, and it was as simple as screwing on the bowl properly. What can I say, I’m a bright kid.Light bulb


Chocolate PB banana soft-serve, with chocolate chips on top.DSC06659

One frozen banana, 2 tsp Dark Chocolate Dreams processed for a few mins. Bliss.


And can you guess what is going to be my Special Monday Breakfast tomorrow? I’ll give ya a hint:DSC06664


Can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile

Dinner was also amazing!!


Hummus in a WW wrap, roasted bnut squash and Eazy-Cheezy Scrambled Tofu

Eazy-Cheezy Scrambled Tofu

  • 1/3 block firm silken tofu (I used Mori-Nu)
  • A few sprays of EVOO oil
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 1.5-2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1 tsp paprika, or spices of your choice
  1. Put the tofu into a small pan, and chop into small pieces. Spray tofu and pan with oil.
  2. Add everything else, stir, turn up onto a medium heat, and sauté for a few minutes.
  3. Enjoy!!

This was delicious! I loved adding the paprika to give it a little kick! SmileI also went back for more squash, and ended up eating pretty much the whole thing! And it was a big’un too! Feeling just a little over-fibred now! Disappointed smileNo regrets though…too darn YUMMY!DSC06673


Are you good in the mornings? I love mornings, because it’s breakfast time (<—best time of the day!!), but my brain doesn’t actually switch on until about mid morning!


If you’re a runner, do you do hill runs? I’ve only started doing them recently, after reading how beneficial they are for your running! But up until last week I was too chicken! Hills scared me (and still do a bit! Smile with tongue out). I now incorporate a hilly run and hill sprints into my schedule.


And  what are you looking forward to this week? I’m looking forward to experimenting with my processor! A hummus recipe coming up soon! I’ll also be making my own Dark Chocolate Dreams! Open-mouthed smile


Have a great week friends!!


P.S. I changed my Twitter username a fortnight ago, and forgot to mention it!! It seems to be causing some confusion still! It’s @SweetToothRunnr now for when you wanna chat 🙂

The Chocolate-Covered Diet

The Chocolate-Covered Diet is clearly a great diet. And Katie is clearly a Chocolate-Covered genius.

A Breakfast Of Champions– Katie’s Pumpkin BoatmealDSC06105

SO delicious! I have a really great idea now for a variation on this baked oatmeal, which I’ll test out soon… Winking smile


Katie’s mad tofu scramble was part of lunch.


Yummy!! I made with courgette (zucchini) and spinach

And to make Katie proud, I followed it up with…



You can’t beat this diet! Open-mouthed smile

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a friend’s birthday celebration today. But first, I had to fit in a run. So en route to her house, I stopped off at the gym for a quick tempo run.


3 miles- fast mile in 7.09 min/mile pace! 😀

Emma’s Fashion Faux Pas #1001Pairing orange and red. Especially the fluorescent orange


Clearly a great look. I suggest you try it too! 😛

…but at least I wasn’t wearing the green shorts with it like I was last week…yeah there was a good reason I didn’t photograph that particular outfit!

And really it’s lucky my friends are loving and embrace the mad girl who arrives at a party sweaty and brings her own vegan ‘cheeze’…


My first experience with vegan cheese! Tastes oddly like real cheese...

  The cheese was for pizza making! We had a toppings tableDSC06124

and makeshift rolling pins…DSC06127

Must remember that if using a wine bottle as a rolling pin, to flour it first though….! Smile with tongue out

I made and ate my whole pizza. ‘Twas very yummy! Smile


Topped with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions.


The vegan chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday were a huge hit too!


In fact, someone said (without too much coercion) that these were better than their normal non-vegan cookies! I had about five (because I am the cookie monster!), and I wholeheartedly agree with said person! Open-mouthed smile

I did eat some healthy food though! Like the odd tomato


(Please ignore the greasy+sweaty bangs!)

Clearly I achieved a good balance here! But I did successfully show that vegans can and do eat ‘normal’ foods like pizza and cookies!!  

So, tell me, have you tried any of Katie’s recipes? I’m also a huge fan of her pizzerts and peanut butter balls! Basically, I want to live with her so she can feed me yummy treats all day long. If you haven’t tried any of her stuff, DO IT NOW, seriously! Winking smile

What was the last Fashion Faux-Pas that you made? Apart from the whole colour-clash episode, I think turning up to a party in a baggy jumper and jeans because you left your ‘nice’ clothes waiting by the door at home, is a pretty good one too…! Smile with tongue out

Hope you had a great Saturday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! Smile

Exciting times!

Hellooo lovelies!! Smile

I am so SO excited right now!! You’ll see why in a mo…that’s if you didn’t see my Tweet and guess! Smile with tongue out

Oh and I loved hearing your thoughts on my running epiphany yesterday, and why you run! And thanks as well for the applesauce tips you guys- never occurred to me that it would be easier (and cheaper!) to make it myself! Smile with tongue out

Breakfast was delicious- whipped cinnamon-banana oatmeal with dried blueberries on top.


Banana + blueberries = pure blissDSC05881

Today’s lunch to-go-go was leftover’s from yesterday’s dinner: lentil stew with spicy tofu. Doesn’t look appetising, but it was yummy and chocca full of protein and fibre SmileDSC05884

One of the things I get asked a lot is how I handle eating when out as a vegan. Unless I am eating out at a restaurant with other people, I usually just take my own food. Not only easier and hassle-free, but cheaper too! I usually make more than I need for dinner, then refrigerate/freeze and take for lunch the next day.

Also, there’s a serious foodgasm alert! If you haven’’t already done so, make these.DSC05907

Gina’s chocolate chip protein ballz! These are so quick to throw together (literally a few minutes and they’re done!), have just a few ingredients, are full of protein and goodness, and are unbelievably yummy. I may have eaten almost the whole batch…! Smile with tongue outGO, PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM NOW!!

Today was a BodyPump day! I worked hard today, really pushing myself, and managed to make it through the bicep track alive! Score! Open-mouthed smileMade doubly good because a cute guy said hi and chatted to me at the end! Winking smile

So now for my exciting news! Okay, so I’ve overhyped it, but…

AAAH MY FIRE SHOES ARRIVED!!! Open-mouthed smileDSC05898

There are actually angels in my head singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now!! Is it lame that I am this excited by running shoes? I say no, because they are racing shoes, and they look this cool:DSC05906

They are soo light (literally about half the weight of my normal Asics!) and even the soles are amazing!DSC05904

Haha and check this out:DSC05903

I. Love. Them. DSC05900

Seen enough photos of them yet? Smile with tongue out I can’t wait to run in them tomorrow!!! Open-mouthed smile

So I’m off now to eat dinner, and the last of these…DSC05911

…and then to bed, possibly still hugging these…DSC05914

So what ‘little’ things excite you that most people would find strange? Apart from new running shoes+gear, successful kitchen experiments is another thing that really excites me! On that note, there’s hopefully a perfected cookie recipe is coming at ya soon…!

And what was the last exciting purchase you made? Well after these of course, I’m gonna have to say the Lindt 85% dark choccie which I bought today! Smile with tongue out

Friday tomorrow! Have a great one friends! Open-mouthed smile

Tackling the 2011 goals

Hello lovelies! How’s 2011 treating ya?

I woke up behind schedule today after another late night (bad habit!) and was slightly late for church! Whilst throwing on clothes, I threw a slice of bread in the toaster and the ingredients for a breakfast smoothie in the blender. BLEND.DSC05298

Just had enough time to gulp it down and slather PB on my toast before dashing out the door and running down the road to church. Whilst eating my toast. And wearing this hat:untitled

Okay, I don’t have that ultra-cool hat (yet), or this equally cool shirt…untitled 2

…but my birthday’s only 9 months away…got the subtle hint guys? Winking smileAnd yes, I do look like that person on the shirt when eating PB. Foodgasm alert.

Anyway, moving swiftly on! I had a quick lunch before going shopping (yes, again!).DSC05318

Houmous and sautéed courgette on toast, with more courgette and smoked almond+sesame seed tofu on the side. Followed by…DSC05324

Dark choccie x3. Obviously.

Shopping mission today? To get hand weights to help accomplish 2011 goal #7! Mission accomplished. 2 x 2.5kg hand weights which were half price! Open-mouthed smileDSC05328

DSC05308But it wasn’t easy, I can tell ya that! Getting them home involved 5 plastic bags, which subsequently broke, and so I had to stuff them in my handbag.DSC05302

Poor handbag. It wasn’t designed for carrying >5kg, and neither was my shoulder! Smile with tongue outBut hopefully I’ll do a weight training post this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

I also used up the last of my book shop gift card on this book which totally caught my eye:DSC05311

DSC05310Babycakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York’s Most Talked-about Bakery

This book is the bomb. Yes, that good. Looking through the recipes, I loved everything!

And with ingredients lists like this…


Ingredients for raspberry scones

…and with pictures like this…


Double chocolate crumb cake

can ya blame me? I can’t wait to bake some stuff from here! Open-mouthed smile

So I’m off to spend an hour all night looking through this book.

Do you get excited over recipe books, or is it just me? Seriously, I could happily spend  whole day perusing one! And have any of you started making headway on your New Years Resolutions/Goals? I’ve stuck to doing some yoga everyday so far (well it has only been 2 days to be fair!) and am getting moving on the weight training. Also, I’m planning to go to some new exercise classes over the next few days which is exciting! SmileSo numbers 5, 6 and 7 on their way!

Have a great evening! I know I sure will! Winking smile

Whole Foods missions!

Hello lovelies! Smile

Today was the big Whole Foods trip! Before I set out on my quest, I managed to squeeze in a quick 45 min gym workout: 5 min elliptical warm-up, 20 min speed intervals (1 min 8mph-1 min 12mph repeated) on the treadmill and 20 mins speed intervals on the elliptical. The gym was practically empty today, which was weird because it has been teeming with people recently! So let’s play Where’s Wally! But with Emma instead…

DSC04786Did you spot me? I’m in the middle in red. It was just me and that guy you can kinda see on the treadmill in the right corner. It was nice having some quality alone time with him! Winking smile

My breakfast to fuel my workout was Ultra Bran cereal+coconut milk+ a banana:DSC04756


So after my workout, it was Whole Foods time! Open-mouthed smileDSC04785

I knew exactly where to head first. Mission 1: Get Dark Chocolate Dreams nut butter! But alas, it was not to be seen!DSC04760

The shelf label was there, but there was just loads of crunchy and smooth nut butter! PANIC! So of course, I did what all sane people do in this situation. I sat down in the aisle and took out the jars one by one to see if there was one behind them. Anything to find my Dark Chocolate Dreams!DSC04762

There was one! Just one! Success! Although the people around me clearly thought I was insane, not only for wreaking havoc with the nut butter but for then squealing (yes, I squealed with joy about finding nut butter!) and proceeding to photograph it!

Mission 2: Hit all the taster tables. The best thing about Whole Foods is definitely all the unmanned taster tables! Winking smile



Tyrell's natural chips


Dark chocolate!


'Corn chips' with salsa and guacamole for dipping 🙂


A variety of different types of melon


Tyrell's dried vegetable chips

I’m sure Whole Foods will have learnt their lesson about not leaving free food lying around when I visit for next time! Smile with tongue out

I ended up buying the following:DSC04795


Optimum cereal instead of Bodymatter granola. A cereal with cinnamon? I couldn't resist!


Raw coconut butter and my well-earned DCD!


New Nakd flavours for me! Ginger bread and Cocoa delight.


Unsweetened applesauce for baking 🙂

Mission 3: Try not to go into overdraft. So I considered buying these, but put them back cos they were too darn expensive!

Montezuma's banana and pecan chocolate block

Mission 4: Have an amazing lunch at WF. I thought about going down the salad bar route…DSC04776

…but wanted to try something different! Much as I love the salad bar (and I really do!), I wanted to check out the vegan and raw foods restaurant upstairs.index_saf-recipebox-1_1_2_140244218

I was in a hurry sadly, so I didn’t have time to enjoy their sit-down menu, which looked awesome, but instead looked at the take-out options:DSC04778

DSC04779I opted forDSC04781


I can honestly say this was the best wrap/sandwich I have ever had! So filling and flavoursome!DSC04784

And check out this stellar ingredients list:DSC04783

I have never seen nutritional yeast listed in sandwich ingredients before! Or quinoa and flax seed oil for that matter!

The busy day continued after the WF trip with the annual Christmas food shop with my mum, where the bill came to over £160! Surprised smile So since I got back late from that (3 days before Christmas=supermarket madness!), I threw together a quick meal: wholewheat noodles in soy sauce with basil tofu and a side of baby carrots:DSC04804


I’m so excited about my WF purchases! I especially can’t wait to make Katie’s Coconut Butter Melties and Chocolate Peanut Butter Melties! Open-mouthed smile 

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be making the vegan chocolate cupcakes I mentioned yesterday to take to a friend’s party! Can’t wait to get my bake on again! So stay tuned to see those!

And my Amazon package finally arrived! So happy! Now I have all my presents and cards, and just need to wrap! Whoop! Open-mouthed smile

So what about you? How ready are you for Christmas Day? Only 2 and a bit days to go now!!! And what is the best sandwich filler combo you’ve ever had? Obviously sundried tomato+nut cheese is the winner in my book!

Merry Christmas to you! Smile

Dear Santa

Happy December 1st!! To me, this is when the Christmas period really begins! To top off the happiness, I had a great stay-at-home day today because of the snow! Open-mouthed smileDSC04176

It had snowed constantly yesterday and throughout the night, so it was very thick today! I can’t remember every having such thick snow! Check out how much has fallen on our sundial:DSC04177

And this sight really gave me a fright when I opened my curtains this morning:DSC04178

Icicles are scary!

Pre-breakfast workout was clearing the drive and the front of the house of snow. This was a good muscle workout! It didn’t help though that my muscles are still killing from Monday’s first ever BodyPump class! Confused smile I wrapped up appropriately (it was still snowing at the time):DSC04183

In my defence, this photo was taken very, very early in the morning for me! Smile with tongue out

My well-earned breakfast was, you guessed it, a huge bowl of oatmeal! Made with this stuff…DSC04169

…which is delicious! This coconut milk provides more than a third of your recommended daily amount of calcium! Smile I may even like this more than oat milk…hmm…

I topped my oatmeal with a handful of Bodymatter granola:DSC04172

I considered adding more granola, but I’m really trying to make this stuff last, and at the rate I’m munching it, it won’t last another week! Too. Darn. Addictive. Winking smile


Lunch was delicious too! Wholewheat noodles in soy sauce, with the remainders of yesterday’s smoked tofu and some fried courgette:DSC04188 

The bad thing about all this snow is that I can’t run in it! A little bit of snow might be fine, but with the heavy amount we have at the moment, it would be hard and quite dangerous. So I decided today to go to my local gym (which took me 45 mins to walk to, instead of the usual 20 mins!), and hit the treadmill, much as I hate it!


Fuelled by my peanut butter sandwich, packed half for a pre-workout snack and half for afterwards:DSC04197I only managed 30 mins on the dreadmill before giving in and hopping on the cross-trainer/elliptical for half an hour, then headed on the slow snowy walk home. I had thankfully wrapped up well:DSC04207 On the way home, I enjoyed looking at our town’s Christmas lights and decorations, which are really quite nice this year!DSC04209



And on that note, here’s what tops my Christmas list this year:GarminForerunner305GPSReceiver

The Garmin Forerunner 305!!! Open-mouthed smile I think I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, and hopefully Santa will agree! Smile Other Xmas list items include…

A running non-slip headband from Sweaty Betty suitable all year round to keep my fringe+hair out of my face:


This Nike Thalia Two-in-One Women’s Sport top, that will be great for yoga, gym, etc:Nike-Thalia-Two-In-One-Womens-Sports-Top-381005_010_A

And the Born to Run book by Christopher McDougall:born_to_run

What’s on your Christmas list this year?