Food Blogger let loose in a farm shop…

Howdy! I was all excited the afterno0n for my trip to our local farm shop! And note that by local, I mean half an hours drive. I live in L0ndon-not many farm shops nearby! So this was a very exciting prospect for me! My first ever real farm shop trip! Open-mouthed smile

Gasp! Fruit and Veggies galore!


All local, organic produce. Seriously, why do Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s not have a beautiful range like this?DSC03174

Aah look at all the cute squashes in baskets! SmileDSC03173

So what else did I like in the farm shop? :

The one billion different varieties of nuts:DSC03170

This weird looking vegetable called a ‘Mooli’, that I’d never seen or heard of before!DSC03171


All natural colours! The red/pink stripe colour is beetroot, and the black stripe colour is squid ink! They were a great novelty, but at £5 for a tiny pack, not something you would get often!

I ended up buying a ton of fruit and vegetables (squash, aubergine, pears, etc.), but not the Mooli! My current favourite soup flavour:DSC03183

I rarely buy this sort of thing, but figured it would make a great (and warm!) quick snack, and didn’t have any artificial rubbish in it.

They were also handing out chocolate tasters, and I am so not one to turn down a freebie, especially if its chocolate! And it was DELICIOUS! Which really surprised me, because it had no added sugar! I always assumed no added sugar chocolate wouldn’t taste half as good, but this one certainly did! So I bought it!DSC03181

I also bought this on an impulse, because it looked interesting:DSC03192

That’s a milk chocolate bar, with banana and cocoa nibs! Seen that before? I certainly haven’t! Can’t wait to try it later! Open-mouthed smile 

The farm shop had a beautiful flower section too, and I fell in love with these- I’m a sucker for orchids!


Oh, and this really weirded me out! See what you make of it:DSC03166

Yes, that is dog beer.DSC03168

Bizarre, huh? Don’t know about you guys but I’d never give this to my dog!

Anyway, dinner was a great mix of stuff:DSC03190

A whole-wheat tortilla wrap, filled with red pepper hummus, and a side of crispy marinated tofu and some roasted veggies (from the farm shop!)-squash, aubergine and courgette. I actually had about double the amount of tofu pictured whilst waiting for my veggies to roast! I’m very impatient! Smile with tongue out

A delicious meal! And for dessert, I had about half a tub of soya yogurt (it goes out of date today, but couldn’t quite finish it all! I’m sure it’ll still be fine tomorrow…) and, of course, some chocolate. Guess which kind?


Of course, the banana and cocoa nib milk chocolate. It. Was. Delicious. SO good! The banana flavour was lovely and sweet, but not too overpowering, and the cocoa nibs gave it a slight crunch. And you would never guess this had no added sugar!

What ‘weird’ flavours of chocolate have you ever tried? Did it live up to expectations?