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Repetitions, and advice needed!

Today started with a solemn (but awesome!) workout at my local gym, as it was my penultimate day as a member! Boo hoo!  Crying face Last month I decided it was getting too expensive for me (the price had just gone up- AGAIN!) so I quit, but I had already paid for the month, so I could still go for the whole of October. Instead I will have more time to focus on my running, which is good, but’ I’ll definitely miss the discounted classes and strength training equipment Sad smile Have any of you quit your gyms for this reason?

On the positive side, I made today’s workout worth it! I did:

  • 30-40 mins strength training
  • 1 hour elliptical
  • 15 mins exercise bike
  • 15 mins Stairmaster

And I’ll see if there are any BodyPump classes on tomorrow that I can possibly squeeze in, although tomorrow’s a busy day for me, so I doubt I’ll be able to do one even if there is! But I had a great workout today, so that’s good! Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast/Pre-workout fuel:


2x Peanut butter on toast with banana. I’d never tried this combo before, but having seen it on other blogs, thought I’d give it a go! Surprisingly nice, and definitely gave me a ton of energy, which I really needed! Interesting fact for ya: I had never tried peanut butter before I started reading blogs. Can you believe it?! They inspired me to give it a go, and now I’m a right addict! Open-mouthed smile

Post workout fuel:


Yum! Possibly my favourite flavour so far, but I haven’t tried quite a few of the others yet…I really want to try the Gingerbread and Banana Bread ones!

For lunch I had an (unphotographed-too hungry! Smile with tongue out) omelette with pieces of tofu in it…hello protein! Open-mouthed smile It was very yummy! And for dessert, my current favourite fruit bar:


So good! My favourite flavour that I’ve tried-I’m a sucker for apricot! Smile And check out the stellar ingredients list:


Just fruit! No added rubbish! Love it! I grabbed one of these (plus some other snacky foods) to take with me to the party I went to yesterday. I had planned on making a sandwich or salad or something more substantial to take, but didn’t have time in the end, so grabbed what I could to go:DSC02923

A random mix, I know! Is it just me that packs some healthy food to take with them wherever they go, just in case? Well it definitely came in useful last night! There was a ton of pizza, but it had chicken on it, and there was lots of marshmallows and sweets too (gelatine alert!), so not the most veggie-friendly party ever! I know you’re dying to see my outfit from last night…DSC02924


I was attempting a ‘fierce soldier glare’ in the second photo…not sure that came across too well! Smile with tongue out

Back to today: I took my lovely little doggie for a walk in the park this afternoon, and got some lovely pictures of the beautiful foliage:



While I prefer the summer months weather wise, you can’t argue that this is definitely the most beautiful season Smile

And you’ll never guess what I did this evening? If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll note a consistent theme…yes, I ate out. Again. Embarrassed smile And I went to Bluewater again. And I had frozen yoghurt again. So yes, a little repetitive, sorry! Smile with tongue out I ate with my family at a Portuguese restaurant called Nando’s, which although is famous for its chicken, does cater well for vegetarians. I chose a mushroom and halloumi cheese burger with ratatouille as a side dish.DSC03121

Very yum! For dessert, I headed across to YooMoo, my favourite frozen yogurt place, and tried their limited edition pumpkin-pie flavoured yoghurt (topped with chocolate buttons! Smile with tongue out) that I mentioned before I really wanted to try.


DSC03132Sadly, I was not a fan at all of the yoghurt! It didn’t taste at all like pumpkin pie, and my mum and brother both tried a bit also and hated it too! I ended up just eating the buttons and throwing the rest away Sad smile At least I’ll know for future reference to stick to the normal flavours, or at least to ask for a tester first! But the buttons were delish of course, and I also had some dark chocolate when I got home to console myself!  It worked- I feel much better now! Open-mouthed smile 

Oh and I need some advice from you all: do you use protein powders? I was considering buying some to put in my smoothies and that sort of thing to boost my protein intake, but browsing in the health foods store I had no idea what to get! There are SO many different kinds (soya, whey, hemp, etc.)  and flavours, and they’re certainly not cheap, so I’d like to get the ‘right’ one! Looking at the ingredients list on the cheapest one (strawberry flavoured ‘soya isolate’- no clue what that means!) didn’t help in any way- an endless list of ingredients I had never heard of! Is this normal? What should I get?

To finish up what is now admittedly a ridiculously long post, I’ll leave you returning readers with what I know you’ve all been longing to know more about since one of my posts a few days ago…DSC03134

A banana update! I think these are just about brown enough, don’t you? Smile with tongue out So expect some baking involving these in the next few days!

Have a great evening! Smile