Yoga giveaway!

Hello friends!!


So I have an amazing giveaway for you, which trust me, if I could, I would be entering  myself!!

Okay, so you may have heard me mention in a few posts (like this one) that I love using

Yoga classes right in my bedroom- what could be better?


Crazy yogis have the most fun! 😛

Yogadownload offers tons of different classes, from beginner levels to advanced, and many different styles too! One of my personal favourite classes is the Yoga Sculpt class– seriously challenging and works up a right sweat!! Open-mouthed smile

From Yogadownload:

“Whether you have 20 minutes or an hour—prefer to work outdoors or in the comfort of your home, the newly refreshed makes it easier than ever to say yes to your daily om.

Serving as your personal online yoga studio, open 24 hours/day, Yoga Download provides yoga classes of all levels and lengths that are accessible, affordable and portable.  With options to download audio-only, slide-show and video files of top quality yoga classes, meditations, music and other fitness workouts directly to your iPod, mp3 player, computer or mobile device—Yoga Download allows you to focus on your practice as often as you like, where you like and with who you like.”

Sounds good, no? Basically, Yogadownload are offering a Sweet Tooth Runner reader the chance to win a month’s elite subscription package: unlimited downloads and streaming! How amazing is that?! 

Because I love you all, you can have four chances to win this treat! You get one entry for each thingy, and please leave a separate comment for each entry:

  • Leave a comment below, telling me why you love yoga or why you want to start yoga
  • Follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my bloggie
  • Tweet about the giveaway, linking it back to @SweetToothRunnr
  • For an extra entry, add me to your blogroll


The best thing is that you can enter wherever you live, because I love all you overseas lovelies too! Open-mouthed smile

So if you want to become like this amazing ‘Yoga Supergran’ (if you aren’t already!)…article-1172810-049D0B78000005DC-292_634x806

…who is 83 years old and yet can still do this…article-1172810-049D0B59000005DC-115_634x420

…then enter away! Open-mouthed smile

The winner will be selected by Random Number Generator on Sunday 6th February, so get entering now!


Good luck everybody!!


Chocolate’s all gone.

It truly is a sad time. The last of my beloved Belgian dark chocolate is no more.DSC03814

That was all that was left when I dove into my food stash post-dinner. Sad smileDSC03815

Alas, now it is no more. Crying face What is a girl to do?

Answer: find a good recipe to bake tomorrow! Smile You’ll see tomorrow evening hopefully!

Breakfast was a lovely bowl of creamy oatmeal topped with raisins:DSC03807

And this was the star of lunch (a big salad monster)- the mother of all beans:DSC03813

I could quite easily write a love poem about the kidney bean. Red heart

Dinner was one of my favourites- Chana masala.


I sadly cannot take the credit here- my mum is Indian and does all the Indian cooking around here! Smile with tongue out Really delicious; chickpeas are ALMOST as good as kidney beans to me, and trust me when I say that is very  high praise indeed! Open-mouthed smile

And before dinner, I embarked on a speedy 3 miler (avg pace 8.28) in the cold and dark:DSC03701

Such a cool look! Enjoyed it, despite the weather! Off to do a bit of yoga before bed. I WILL be able to do the Pose of a Crow someday! Smile

Brief post tonight, but expect a long recipe one tomorrow, I’m warning ya! Smile with tongue out

Favourite dinners? Chana Masala is definitely on my list Smile

First ever yoga class!

Today was the day. The day I would finally go to my first proper yoga class. In the past, I’ve been to a few one-off yoga courses, etc but had never found a good, cheap local class that I could make. However I found a little notice about a class pinned to a noticeboard, and it sounded good! When I called up about it, the instructor described it as a ‘small class’. He wasn’t kidding! I brought a friend along with me, and apart from the guy leading the class, there was just one other person! So practically 1-2-1! Smile This was my favourite pose:


The Pose of a Warrior! Open-mouthed smile The class, although relaxing, was so tough! There was SO much I couldn’t do! But soon, I’ll be able to do all sorts of amazing moves hopefully! But I can feel certain underused muscles (ahem abs and arms!) complaining already! I’m going to be stiff tomorrow! Smile with tongue out

I was in a smoothie mood today, so breakfast was a good old breakfast smoothie with added oatbran:DSC03710

My lunch that I threw together in about 30 seconds before I ran out of the door  was leftover brown rice from dinner a couple of nights ago with some marinated tofu chunks (in my usual reused butter tub of course!) :DSC03716

During my lunch hour, I had planned to get in 20-30 mins of fartlek on a treadmill. Much as I dislike/hate the treadmill, it is really useful for interval training and that sort of thing! But I heard of a (free) group exercise class happening at the exact same time, so decided on impulse to go to that instead. Man was it hard! It was like a BodyPump class, but with a ton of push-ups and bench presses thrown in!  I was a right sweaty mess by the end, and my arms felt like jelly! Must. Gain. Arm. Muscles!

So tomorrow I have a 3 hour music rehearsal that starts at 9am (oh joy!) but I am hoping that I can get in a short run before that…we’ll see how I feel in the morning! Smile with tongue out But thanks goodness it’s the weekend now! Open-mouthed smile

So questions: Do you do yoga, and if so, do you have a favourite pose? And treadmills: love them or hate them?

Have a great weekend everyone! Smile